magnetic travel

At Magnetic Media we have been fortunate to have travelled widely and it's something we feel very passionate about. It's also an area where we feel documentary can effortlessly combine with promotion. To put it simply, strong images and strong personal testimony of real peoples' positive experiences sells a destination naturally.
We've recently made travel films for the St. Helena Tourist Board, RMS St. Helena, Swaziland Tourist Authority and have several others in the pipeline.
Another important part of what we do is maximise a film's marketing potential far beyond your website or stands at travel shows. As far as we're concerned that's not enough. From YouTube to iTunes the internet provides a huge number of channels to distribute your videos through. Beyond these generic portals we're actively forging relationships with specialist channels such as travel websites, publishers and national newspapers travel sections. Your film will be a dynamic marketing tool, show-casing what you are about and helping bring in new business.

When it comes to the sort of film you want there are endless possibilities depending on your need and your budget, from a short film about a single hotel to a longer programme about and funded by a number of businesses. One thing is for sure, gone are the days when films cost the earth. Whatever you need, we can come up with something that works for you.

St helena: short.

Working with the tourist board of St Helena, one of the most remote destinations on the planet. So, we produced a dynamic video showcasing the highlights of the island. a clip

swaziland tourist authority.

This is an excerpt from our latest project, produced for Swaziland Tourist Authority. The brief was to make a promotional film with a documentary-feel to it. You'll be able to see the complete film soon! . a clip

st helena.

To compliment the short film we produced, St Helena asked us to make a longer film about the island aimed at their target demographic and produce a gentle elegant film about the island. a clip