This is what we think

our ethos

The directors of Magnetic Media have spent their careers making documentaries for UK television networks. They have researched, produced, directed, filmed and edited programmes like Channel 4's Dispatches, Cutting Edge and Fragile Earth, and BBC's Modern Times.

Magnetic Media are used to creating content that is exciting and genuinely engaging. Perhaps just as importantly the documentary style creates a feeling of reality and truth.

We firmly believe that the best person to tell a story is you. We'd always rather use an employee or a company director to say something about your business than a presenter who's been bussed in for the day. That strikes us as being lazy and is never going to convey your message in a truly believable way.

Magnetic's journalistic background means they are quick to get to the heart of what you do. They will work with clients to identify and articulate key messages in a powerful way. Their creative skills ensure this is translated into something that is visually compelling.

Coming from the broadcast sector also means that Magnetic work to the highest production standards, under tight deadlines. And because they are able to 'multi-skill' to a broadcast standard they don't need a big crew and a big budget to make something look fantastic.

Magnetic's documentary skills and ethos can breathe life into any audio-visual content. A good television programme has to engross an audience and we believe that this should be true of any video, from an annual report to a promotional film. That's what we can do for you. That's why we set Magnetic up.