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    Magnetic Media founders Marcus Sulley & Jack Walton both make high-end factual programmes for broadcast clients. Their work is of the highest professional standard, combining strong journalism, visual flair and powerful storytelling, engaging audiences of millions. Director/Producer & shooting credits in the last year include Hairy Bikers' Meals on Wheels (BBC2), Wildlife Patrol (ITV1), Arthur's Hell on High Water (C4) and Gareth Malone's School for Boys (BBC2).


    "As a media form documentary is seen as being truthful and real. Magnetic Media's key focus is to use finely honed documentary techniques to give commercial content the same tone." Marcus Sulley, Magnetic Media
    By using the documentary style the message becomes more believable. That's why we are currently seeing a vogue for television adverts (NatWest etc) made in the documentary style, particularly using real people/employees.


    1.9 billion people use the internet worldwide and 84% of internet users view videos online. Video is simply too important a tool to ignore.
    It wasn't long ago when people dismissed sites like YouTube as being irrelevant to their business. But YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world and more than a third of web users have purchased something they saw advertised there. Magnetic Media can make sure your film is a proactive marketing tool by placing it on key websites and relevant third party sites. Beyond the immediate benefits of video it is also an incredible tool for your business's SEO. Video truly is an invaluable tool for marketing your business.

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Recent News

  • August 2011
    Magnetic Director Jack Walton's ITV series gets 2.5m viewers.
  • July 2011
    Film for Swaziland Tourist board complete.
  • June 2011
    Canon XF 305 'in production' review online now.
  • April 2011
    Shooting complete on Magnetic Director's series for Tern TV & ITV1.
  • February 2011
    Magnetic Director to work with TV's Hairy Bikers.
  • January 2011
    Marcus' recent doc for W2W & C4 on 4OD now.
  • April 2010
    Film complete for one of the worlds most remote places: St. Helena.
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